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The following “Tell Your Story” was submitted by Jodie Roosa, a friend of the Davis Family:

I am going to tell you a story of a very good friend of mine, Charlene Davis. She was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in October of 2016. She had surgery to remove her cancer and doctors were pretty sure it had all been removed. She was doing well until March of 2017 when she became ill with what she thought was a severe case of Bronchitis. She went to the emergency room where doctors did some testing. What they found was the unthinkable. She had more than 30 nodules on her lungs and they were sure it was cancer. She went back to Akron to her cancer doctor who confirmed that it was and had more testing done. Those test results revealed more devastating news. Not only does she have cancer in her lungs, but she has lesions on her brain, and tumors in her abdomen, on her spleen and in her leg. She has recently undergone radiation for her brain and has started chemotherapy for everything else. She has been told this is a very rare metastasis from the endometrial cancer. She is currently fighting with all she has and lots of prayers from family and friends.
Charlene is the mother of 4 beautiful girls with the youngest being only 4 years old. She and her husband have been married for over 20 years. She was currently working as an LPN at a nearby nursing home before she was unable to work. Her husband is a police officer for Smith township and works all the hours he can get to support his family. They are currently down to just the one income due to Charlene’s declining health. I just recently found out that they went all winter without heat, because they could not afford to pay their bills. Her husband carries health insurance on them through his job, but her office copays are $65 each time she goes, and that can be 2-3 times a week.
Charlene recently lost her father to cancer after a 17-year battle in which she drove him to Cleveland once a week, and provided all his medical care, along with her 2 sisters who are also LPN’s. Charlene and Don would do anything for anyone, even if it meant giving you their last dollar. They have been blessed with a wonderful support system of family and friends, but I feel they need more help than family and friends can provide. I am asking you to please consider this wonderful family and bless them with a gift to help relieve some of the stress they currently have. I thank you for taking the time to read this story of Charlene and her family, and considering them to be the recipients of your gift.




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