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The Payne Family

The following “Tell Your Story” was submitted by Debbie Noble, cousin of Rhonda Payne:

Rhonda is my cousin and like a sister to me. Back in March of 2016, she had a routine mammogram that came out clear. During that summer, she noticed a lump and went back in for testing. In September of the same year, Rhonda was diagnosed with stage 3 HERS 2 Positive Breast Cancer. She immediately started intense chemotherapy. We actually had a party to shave her head…she was so brave!
At the end of her treatment, new scans showed that the cancer had metastasized to her bones, sternum, hip and other areas…she was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer and given 3 years or so to live. She had a single mastectomy and will always be on chemo for the rest of her days. She is on a lot of pain medications because it is in the bones. The chemo attacks her heart and so she is on heart medicine and must be carefully monitored to make sure it doesn’t drop below 40% capacity. She struggles to walk, experiences shortness of breath, has limited mobility and is unable to work because of her heavy pain medications.
From the time Rhonda was diagnosed, I have never heard her complain about her cancer or even say “why me?” Despite her constant physical pain, she is always the one smiling and trying to make everyone else smile. 
In February, some life changing things occurred in her personal life and in her family. Because of those things, she is losing her home. Her social security is $1,100 a month, thankfully her medications are only $80-$90 a month, but with her children and the cost of living, she is unable to secure a home loan. She would gladly rent a place, but a 3 bedroom space is more than she can afford a month…it is like everything is piling up at once and her hope has certainly been shaken.
We will find a way of course. She is in a place of great need, not just financially, but emotionally, mentally and physically. Obviously, this financial gift would be an incredible blessing to the strongest woman I have ever known! It would truly bring light to a woman who has found herself in a very dark place. If Rhonda doesn’t get chosen, I just want to commend all of you for your efforts to fight cancer through funding research and for helping those in the throws of this horrible disease.



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