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Amy Sue Monk

Amy is a single mother of an adopted child living in Marysville, Ohio for the last 20 years. In October 2020, Amy found a lump in her breast, but due to the pandemic, her first doctor’s appointment could not get scheduled until December. Once at her appointment, the doctor’s office sent her in for an ultrasound and mammogram; however, they ordered the wrong mammogram and only the ultrasound was completed. After the appointment, Amy could not get a hold of the doctor’s office for her results so she made an appointment to go see a different doctor in March.

On March 18, 2021, Amy was diagnosed with Stage 3C Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The cancer moved so fast that it staged up and doubled in size in the span of three months.

Since then, she’s been through 13 chemotherapy treatments with three remaining. Her double mastectomy surgery is scheduled for the last week of September with 45 radiation treatments afterwards. Amy struggles daily with mouth and tooth pain, neuropathy in her feet, and nail and hair loss. Being far from home and alone with her 10-year-old son, Amy has little support. In addition, her company does not offer paid medical leave and the financial burden has become overwhelming for Amy. Due to her financial hardship, Amy decided to move back home to Beloit to be closer to family and friends.

“This is the hardest battle I have ever fought in my life.”

The following “Tell Your Story” was submitted by Heather Ulrich, Amy’s best friend:

Amy and I grew up across the cornfield from each other at Westville Lake, in Beloit, Ohio. She has been my best friend since she was six. I looked out for her a lot when she was little and over the years, we developed a bond that became more like sisters than friends. In 2001, I moved to Columbus, Ohio and she followed about a year later. We have always been there for each other. In 2013, I moved to Dallas for work; however, we remained close. She is family that I got to choose!

One Wednesday, early in March, she called me to say she had been diagnosed with a rare form of Breast Cancer. I was in Marysville by Friday of that same week to support her through doctors’ appointments and getting chemo set up, get biopsies done, and the list goes on and on.

While I was in Ohio, my furlough ended as I was called back to work and had to return to Dallas. It has been hard to watch her go through this alone with her 10-year-old son, and see her finances depleting with hospital, therapy and doctor bills stacking up.

Now almost through her chemotherapy and facing a double mastectomy with more chemo and radiation to follow. Amy has made the decision to move back to the Beloit area where she will have family support. She is a true “WARRIOR” and so strong, keeping a positive attitude and mindset throughout. Getting this money would be a great financial relief and lessen her stress, allowing her to focus and her mindset to remain positive so she can stay on this treatment plan that will save her LIFE!



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